ImpactToolchainThe ImpactToolchain offers a collection of software programs, which cover the whole process chain of computed tomography (CT). It is mainly aimed at scientists and engineers working in relevant fields. The software package has been successfully employed by the Institute of Medical Physics (IMP) in more than one hundred international scientific publications over the last decade. It is also the foundation of the high-performance image processing pipeline used in our TomoScopeĀ® Micro-CT systems and in the dedicated Breast-CT system still in development.

Using the raw data simulation framework ImpactSim, already existing or experimental CT system configurations can be evaluated without having the necessary hardware available. This grants great advantages when developing new components or whole systems, since various parameters can be varied at will and their influence on the image quality of the reconstructed CT images can be analysed.

Our reconstruction framework ImpactRecon provides volumetric reconstruction of raw data. It supports a multitude of different CT systems and configurations and delivers results very quickly, thanks to the support of modern graphics processing units (GPUs). Apart from simulated data sets, also data recorded on various Micro-CT systems and C-arm systems with flat-panel detectors can be reconstructed. The volumetric data is by default saved as DICOM image and can be used as a data source for further post-processing and evaluation.

This way, for example, detailed quality analysis of the efficiency of the CT system and the reconstruction methods used can be assessed objectively using the program ImpactIQ. ImpactMC allows the calculation of 3D dose distributions for the reconstructed volumetric data, which can in return be used to determine organ doses and effective dose values. The computation time of the computationally demanding Monte Carlo simulations can be drastically shortened by employing multiple GPUs. For further post-processing of the volumetric data ImpactVIP is available, for example to reduce noise using sophisticated filter algorithms. The reconstructed volumetric data can of course also be viewed and analysed by the user directly. For this purpose the viewing software ImpactView offers, next to a large range of tools for specific analysis and distance measurement, much functionality that allows a simple and intuitive handling and windowing.

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