ImpactView - fast and versatile CT volume slicing


ImpactViewImpactView / ImpactView Pro is a CT volumetric data viewing software with a great range of functions. It supports the DICOM image format, allows for multi-planar reformatting (MPR) as well as threshold-based surface rendering and allows for data analysis and evaluation.

Three navigation modes (slicing, panning, zooming) and an intuitive windowing mode as well as a large range of tools for ROI (region of interest) analysis and distance measurement render ImpactView an easy to use and powerful volume viewing and analysis software. The 64 bit support for Windows operating systems, included by default, allows the viewing of very large volume data sets. The only restriction is posed by the available free memory of the computer system used. ImpactView is also available with an enhanced feature set called ImpactView Pro.

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Features of ImpactView

• Sliced views of volume data (transversal, coronal, sagittal)
• Advanced two-dimensional 3 plane multi-planar viewing
• Double-sloped reformatting
• Navigation by slicing, panning, zooming, windowing
• Supports "sliding thin slabs" (e.g. mean, maximum, minimum)
• Threshold-base shaded surface rendering
• ROI analysis of rectangular, circular or free-shaped selections
• Tools for distance and angle measurement in volumetric data sets
• Supports DICOM image format
• Supports very large data sets, provided the available system RAM suffices

Additional features of ImpactView Pro

• Supports export of DICOM images
• Supports import and export of 3d meshes in STL format
• Supports TomoScope© raw data formats
• Supports the proprietary MIF/MIFX image formats


• Comfortable and modern graphical user interface
• English language
• Available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
• Native 32 bit and 64 bit versions available
• Not a medical product


C-arm head CT
C-arm head CTMPR view of a head scan made on Siemens Artis Zeego. The 4. quadrant shows a double-oblique reformatting.
C-arm head CT
C-arm head CT
Micro-CT of a mouse
Micro-CT of a mouse
CT heart angiography
CT heart angiography

ImpactView is a fast and comfortable viewing and analysing software for reconstructed volume data from computed tomography in the DICOM format.


Apart from the classic slice view, there are also an MPR view and double-oblique reformatting available for viewing and analysis. Beyond that, it is possible to dynamically take the mean of several slices or to combine them through MIP projection. Miniature views or threshold based surface renderings allow a better overview.


Data analysis is supported by easy-to-use tools, like various ROIs for the calculation of mean value, standard deviation and extremes, as well as distance and angle measurement.

Version History

ImpactView is continuously improved and adapted to the needs of our customers. The version history transparently shows all improvements and extensions in a new version. If you experience problems, please report them via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If the problem is caused by a software bug, we will try to fix this in the next version of ImpactView. Of course, suggestions are also always welcome.

4.4.2 (published 2016/03/03)

  • BUGFIX: Values were not cut to valid range when storing MIFX files
  • BUGFIX: Wrong x corrdinate was shown in the status bar for the MPR sagittal view
  • BUGFIX: Fixed problems with installer on Windows 10
  • MANUAL: Revise user manual section installation/licensing

4.4.1 (published 2014/03/31)

  • FEATURE: allow drag and drop of TomoScope raw datasets
  • BUGFIX: fixed problems with hide/show of maximized window with non-Areo windows theme
  • BUGFIX: fixed problems with DICOM export (SOPClassUID was invalid)
  • BUGFIX: show error message if loading via command line fails
  • BUGFIX: usage of MOR/MIP in double oblique view has lead to a crash

4.4 (published 2013/10/04)

  • FEATURE: added support for recent files
  • FEATURE: added support for importing/exporting .stl meshes
  • FEATURE: introduced new mouse control which unifies panning, zooming, slicing, window adjustment
  • FEATURE: improved manipulation of opened document tabs (move, close all)
  • FEATURE: the initial viewing mode when opening a volume can be customized
  • FEATURE: switched to new licensing system (old licenses remain valid)
  • FEATURE: added toolbutton for the tool box
  • FEATURE: moved View->Surface menu from menu bar to SSD context menu
  • FEATURE: introduced Standard and Pro version (Pro version comes with extended set of features)
  • FEATURE: improved DICOM loading of uncommon slice orientations
  • FEATURE: improved DICOM loading of non-CT datasets
  • FEATURE: the windowing presets in the DICOM datasets are now used as default values
  • BUGFIX: loading of untitled MIF volumes does not lead to corrupted windows
  • BUGFIX: Mif/MifX registration now gives a warning when not running ImpactView with administrative rights
  • BUGFIX: STS settings are now restored when reopening the tool box
  • BUGFIX: SSD settings are now correctly applied for the surface generation
  • BUGFIX: floated toolbars that where close are not shown again when reopening ImpactView
  • BUGFIX: maximized view is now restored correctly when restarting ImpactView
  • BUGFIX: MifX files containing higher values than can be kept internally are now clamped
  • BUGFIX: improved behavior for handling corrupted files
  • BUGFIX: fixed problems loading some file types via command line parameter
  • BUGFIX: fixed crash when loading DICOM folders with localizers
  • BUGFIX: drag and drop is now working correctly with all types of datasets

4.3 (published 2013/05/02)

  • FEATURE: added support for reading and writing compressed DICOM datasets
  • FEATURE: added support for reading non-CT DICOM datasets
  • FEATURE: improved loading speed of DICOM datasets
  • FEATURE: improved behavior when loading DICOM folders with multiple series
  • FEATURE: absolute voxel positions are now shown (in mm)
  • FEATURE: added support for reading and writing the proprietary MIFX file format
  • FEATURE: added support for HU values down to -4096
  • FEATURE: MPR/single view is now opened directly when loading a dataset
  • FEATURE: images are now initially shown in fullscreen mode
  • BUGFIX: fixed crashes with large datasets (> 4 Gb)
  • BUGFIX: fixed update problems with the image positions in MPR view
  • BUGFIX: fixed display errors in the SSD view (corrdinate system)
  • MANUAL: some corrections and updates

4.2 (published 2012/06/12)

  • FEATURE: native 64-bit version available
  • FEATURE: switched from Microsoft installer to NSIS installer (please uninstall first!)
  • FEATURE: entering the license key no longer requires administrative rights
  • BUGFIX: DICOM files could not be read from read-only data sources
  • BUGFIX: DICOM files from Toshiba scanners were not imported correctly
  • BUGFIX: progress bar was wrong when loading large data sets
  • MANUAL: small corrections and updates


Trial & Further Questions

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