AB-CT - Advanced Breast-CT GmbH takes over business operations of CT-Imaging GmbH

2016/08/01, AB-CT - Advanced Breast-CT GmbH

CTI presents photon-counting breast CT at RSNA 2015 with great success

2015/12/23, CT Imaging GmbH
RSNA2015 Photon-counting Breast CT
Diagnostic procedures for early and reliable diagnosis of breast cancer are still insufficient today in one or several regards.
CT of the breast shall overcome this situation and, in particular, increase sensitivity and specificity by offering the following features in combinaton:
  • Superposition-free imaging with very high spatial resolution of 100 μm or better in all three spatial dimensions
  • Dose levels low enough to conform with mammographic screening regulations
  • Dynamic imaging with contrast medium application when indicated

CT pioneers spell out how to reduce patients' anxiety over dose

2015/02/08, AuntMinnieEurope

Few people have had greater individual impact on the evolution of CT scanners than Dr. Willi Kalender, PhD, the pioneer of spiral systems. As the director of the Institute of Medical Physics at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany, he is currently overseeing projects relating to CT imaging of the heart, micro-CT, and image-based navigated interventions.
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Erlanger Medizintechnik sucht weltweit nach Partnern (German Article)

2014/02/19, Nordbayern.de, Verlag Nürnberger Presse

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Video Report about Germany’s Presentation at the RSNA13

2013/12/01 - 2013/12/06, RSNA 2013, Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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Professor Willi A. Kalender selected to receive 16th Gray Medal

2013/09/03, AAPM Newsletter 39 (5): 74-75

The ICRU ist pleased to announce that the 16th Gray Medal will be presented to Professor Willi Kalender at the 20th International Conference on Medical Physics on Sebtember 3, 2013 in Brighton, United Kingdom. Professor Kalender's Gray Medal Lecture is entitled, "New Horizons in Computed Tomography."
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CTDI and Patient Dose: A European Perspective

2013/07/29 - 2013/08/02, The American Association of Physicists in Medicine Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC (USA)

Dose in CT has been a dominant topic in Medical Physics for at least a decade. This was for good reason since increasing use of CT necessarily led to an increase of cumulative dose to the population and inappropriate use of CT in some cases led to an unnecessarily high exposure of patients with subsequent coverage in the U.S. media.
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Effect of shaped filter design on dose and image quality in breast CT

2013/06/21, Phys Med Biol. 58 (13): 4205-23

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of shaped filters specifically designed for dedicated breast computed tomography (CT) scanners on dose and image quality. Optimization of filter shape and material in fan direction was performed using two different design methods, one aiming at homogeneous noise distributions in the CT images and the other aiming at a uniform dose distribution in the breast.
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CT pioneers spell out how to reduce patients' anxiety over dose

2013/03/09, AuntMinnieEurope, ECR TODAY 2013

Justification is radiology's trump card in the increasingly tough battle to win back public confidence and reassure patients over the benefits of CT. That was certainly the strong impression given by two opinion leaders at Friday's special focus session at ECR 2013.
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Prof. Dr. Willi Kalender on why it is so important to focus on the quality of service in radiology

2013/03/09, ECR 2013, Youtube

In trying to reduce dose, one should never accept any reduction in image quality. Prof. Dr. Kalender feels it is not so much about low dose, than about right dose.
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Zimt und Minze. Weltneuheiten der medizinischen Bildgebung aus Deutschland stellen auf dem RSNA in Chicago den Patientennutzen in den Mittelpunkt (German Article)

2013/01/01, Radiologie Forum 1: 60

Eine frühzeitige Diagnose von Brustkrebs zielt ein neues computertomographisches (CT-) Verfahren zur Brustfrüherkennung ab, das unter der Leitung des „Erfinders der Spiral-CT“, dem weltweit anerkannten Physiker Willi A. Kalender, und dem Spin-off ,CT Imaging‘ in Erlangen entwickelt wurde.
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High-resolution spiral CT of the breast at very low dose: concept and feasibility considerations

2012, Eur Radiol (2012) 22: 1-8

Objective Mammography, today’s standard imaging approach, has deficits with respect to the superimposition of anatomical structures. Dedicated CT of the breast so far indicated that it can provide superior soft-tissue imaging, but that it still has significant limitations with respect to spatial resolution and dose. We have assessed novel dedicated breast CT technology.
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German pioneers bury their differences for breast imaging's sake

2012/12/06, AuntMinnieEurope

December 6, 2012 -- Arguably one of the most eye-catching and unexpected moments at last week's RSNA meeting was the sight of Willi Kalender, PhD, and Dr. Christiane Kuhl enjoying a long, amicable chat in the Lakeside Center. These two well-known scientists have championed CT and MRI respectively for many years, fighting their corner with intense passion and evangelical-like zeal, but now they're forgetting their differences and working together on potentially ground-breaking research.
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Challenges in Breast Imaging. Concepts for High-Resolution Low-Dose CT of the Breast

2012/11/25 - 2012/11/30, Refresher Course, Annual Meeting of the RSNA in Chicago

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Recording and Reporting Dose: The European Perspective

2012/11/25 - 2012/11/30, Refresher Course, Annual Meeting of the RSNA in Chicago

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Iterative reconstruction methods in X-ray CT

2012/04/02, Physica Medica 28: 94–108

Iterative reconstruction (IR) methods have recently re-emerged in transmission x-ray computed tomography (CT). They were successfully used in the early years of CT, but given up when the amount of measured data increased because of the higher computational demands of IR compared to analytical methods.
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German group reports progress on dedicated breast CT

2011/06/27, AuntMinnieEurope

June 27, 2011 -- Dedicated breast CT has long been proffered as a potential rival to mammography for brest screening, but early prototype systems have been limited by higher radiation dose and lower resolution. In a new paper in European Radiology, however, German researchers report progress in addressing both concerns.
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CT pioneer puts renewed emphasis on cutting pediatric dose

2011/05/31, AuntMinnieEurope

May 31, 2011 -- The radiation dose of CT can be reduced by up to 80% by manipulating different components of a scan, and it is possible to lower dose from 5mSv to 1 mSv, Willi Kalender, PhD, told delegates at the radiation safety summit of the International Pediatric Radiology 2011 meeting, held in London from 27 to 31 May.
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Top 10 most viewed ECR 2011 stories: Breast CT

2011/03/16, AuntMinnieEurope

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Breast CT may offer benefits over digital mammography and MRI

2011/03/05, AuntMinnieEurope

March 5, 2011 -- The improved diagnostic certainty due to CT's high sensitivity and specificity for earlier recognition and diagnosis of breast cancer lesions may have a substantial future impact on patient management, and improve outcomes.
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Optimismus ist Pflicht (German Article)

December 2010, Erlanger Nachrichten

Verein Medical Valley verdammt sich selbst zum Erfolg

Als am 26. Januar 2010 der Verein Medical Valley Erlangen/Metropolregion Nürnberg (EMN) vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung zu einem wissenschaftlichen "Batzen", gekürt wurde und staatliche Fördermittel in Höhe von 40 Millionen für strategische Produkte angekündigt wurden, war das der eigentliche Startschuss für den drei Jahre zuvor gegründeten Verein. Nun wurde Zwischenbilanz gezogen. [...] Konkrete Produkte- und solche mit "strategischer Bedeutung" zu entwickeln ist schließlich das Ziel der Förderung - gibt es natürlich auch, und mit Prof. Willi Kalender ist auch einer der führenden Köpfe Deutschlands bei der Entwicklung innovativer bildgebender Verfahren Zeuge für erste Erfolge.
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Spitzencluster für Medizintechnik in Erlangen erhält 40 Millionen Euro (German Article)

November 2010, Nürnberger Zeitung

Viel Geld für möglichst viel Gesundheit.

Erlangen-  [....] Willi Kalender, Direktor des Instituts für Medizinische Physik an der Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg, hat einen ganz konkreten Plan, wie die 3,2 Mio. Euro für bildgebende Diagnostik verwendet werden sollen. "Jede achte Frau hat Brustkrebs. Je früher die Diagnose gestellt werden kann, desto größer sind die Heilungschancen" sagt er. Die Entdeckungsquote liegt zwar bei 80 Prozent, doch den anderen drohe oft ein tragisches Schicksal.
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XCounter, Artemis to develop breast CT unit

2009/07/09, AuntMinnieEurope

July 9, 2009 -- Swedish 3D mammography developer XCounter and University of Erlangen spin-off Artemis Imaging said they are working to develop a 3D breast CT system.
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Förderung durch das 7. Rahmenprogramm der EU für ein neues Forschungsprojekt an der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg zum Thema: Spezialgerät für die CT-Untersuchung der weiblichen Brust (German Article)

2008/04/20, Pressemitteilung des Instituts für Medizinische Physik

Erlangen, 9. April 2008 – Die Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg wird zum Zentrum einer neuen Forschungskooperation. Die Europäische Union fördert im neuen Rahmenprogramm 7 (Framework Programme 7 – FP7) zur Forschungsförderung die Entwicklung eines Spezialgerätes für die CT-Untersuchung der weiblichen Brust mit insgesamt 2,05 Mio. €. [...]. Antragsteller und Sprecher ist Prof. W. Kalender, Direktor des hiesigen Institutes für Medizinische Physik (IMP). Das Ziel besteht darin, das Potential eines Spezialgerätes für die CT der weiblichen Brust zur verbesserten und früheren Diagnose von Brustkrebs zu untersuchen, die Leistungsmerkmale zu charakterisieren und einen Vergleich zu konkurrierenden Methoden zu erstellen. Denn neben der Spezifikation des Gerätes sollen auch Aussagen über die Rolle der verschiedenen konkurrierenden Verfahren getroffen werden.

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