AB-CT - Advanced Breast-CT GmbH is a medium-sized high tech company seated in the Medical Valley Center, Erlangen.

The company was founded by Prof. Dr. Willi A. Kalender, Ph. D. and it draws on long years of experience in the field of Computed Tomography (CT). Currently some 20 highly qualified employees with diverse fields of expertise are working on state of the art technologies and innovations.

As a specialist in the field of Computed Tomography, we develop new techniques and applications for medical imaging and image processing. We participate in high-tech development projects with the same level of commitment we apply to the design of customer specific OEM-solutions.

Customers from a multitude of areas value our solutions. We develop innovative algorithms and specialized applications, providing consumers as well as university research facilities with the imaging systems they require to succeed in the international research market.

The experience we have accumulated over many years, a well-rehearsed team and our highly qualified employees make AB-CT a reliable partner for you.


Benjamin Kalender

Career Options

The work environment in our company is marked by flat hierarchies and a creative atmosphere. Our employees value their high level of individual responsibility and short decision paths. Both grant a sense of achievement and are highly motivating.


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AB-CT works with a multitude of specialists, including renowned companies, sponsors, as well as hospitals and institutes.

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