AB-CT offers you a wide variety of applications and software tools that cover the whole process chain of computed tomography (CT). These modules can be combined using our ImpactToolchain. Apart from standardized applications included with our complete systems, like reconstruction, post-processing and viewing, our strength lies with simulation and calculation tools. Our customers from science and research value this diversity and the compatibility with common standards.

Efficiency is important to us. As a consequence, our products are marked not only by a simple and intuitive user interface; they also support state-of-the-art computer hardware. Employing modern graphics processing units (GPUs) drastically shortens computing time.


With ImpactDose, you get instant estimates with respect to organ and effective dose values for typical clinical CT scanner models and scan protocols. The computation is done based on tables pre-computed with our world-renowned ImpactMC software for different scanners and selected anthropomorphic phantoms. For a chosen scan protocol and range, the software displays an overview of the expected dose values - all that at the glimpse of an eye.

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The ImpactMC software package is unique in its functionality on the market today, delivering fast 3D dose distribution calculations using Monte Carlo simulations for radiography and computed tomography (CT). We have had excellent feedback also in the field of science and research, where it has already been successfully employed for dose distribution calculations in nearly 40 international publications.

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ImpactIQ Wizard

ImpactIQ Wizard is a software tool allowing for fast and quantitative assessment of image quality in x-ray computed tomography (CT) for both arbitrary scanners and protocols. Essential image quality metrics are determined fully automatically in 3D volume data sets allowing a reproducible analysis of the stability of physical image quality aspects in CT.

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ImpactView / ImpactView Pro is a CT volumetric data viewing software with a great range of functions. It supports the DICOM image format, allows for multi-planar reformatting (MPR) as well as threshold-based surface rendering and allows for data analysis and evaluation.

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The ImpactToolchain offers a collection of software programs, which cover the whole process chain of computed tomography (CT). It is mainly aimed at scientists and engineers working in relevant fields. The software package has been successfully employed by the Institute of Medical Physics (IMP) in more than one hundred international scientific publications over the last decade. It is also the foundation for all of our imaging systems.

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