25-08-2021 / Erlangen

Breast-CT Press release

Breast CT: New modality with a lot of potential

Breast-CT Press release

“Another new modality. We’ve only been introduced to tomosynthesis a few years ago. MRI hasn’t fully been established yet either. Is this really necessary?” With this provocative question, Prof. Dr. Evelyn Wenkel, senior radiologist at the Institute of Radioloy of the University Hospital Erlangen opened her presentation during the 25th International Training Course “Moderne Mammadiagnostik und -therapie” – and was referring to breast CT.

Learn what experiences the radiologists at the University Hospital Erlangen have gained with nu:view so far, and why breast CT might actually become a real alternative to the conventional breast imaging modalities.

Full press release for download (PDF, German language):
Mammadiagnostik: Ist das Brust-CT eine Alternative?