25-05-2022 / Erlangen

Breast CT at Science Night – A Huge Success

What a (science) night! For the first time ever, the University Hospital Erlangen opened their doors to present their breast CT to a broader, non-medical audience during the “Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften”. It was a huge success.

In a series of 30 minutes guided tours, senior radiologist and head of diagnostic and interventional breast diagnostics Prof. Evelyn Wenkel and radiologist Dr. Matthias Wetzl took the groups on an insightful journey through today’s challenges and possibilities of breast cancer diagnostics.

After a brief introduction to breast CT, visitors could try the lying position that patients take during an examination for themselves. The interactive experience was followed by a demonstration of selected clinical cases that showed where and how breast CT is used to help with breast cancer diagnostics.

“’Maybe benign’ doesn’t help the woman,” Dr. Wetzl pointed out. What patients need is a diagnosis that’s as reliable possible, as quick as possible. The high-resolution 3D images are also used to determine the size of a tumour – relevant to make an informed decision whether full breast removal is necessary or if the route for breast-conserving surgical treatment can be taken.

Thank you very much to Prof. Wenkel and Dr. Wetzl for this informative insight behind the scenes, and to all visitors for their interest. We genuinely value such positive feedback.