06-03-2020 / Erlangen

University Hospital Erlangen Breast CT

Erlangen University Hospital: Technological Milestone for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

University Hospital Erlangen Breast CT

With its breast centre (Universitäts-Brustzentrum Franken), the Erlangen University Hospital provides first-class interdisciplinary care to women with breast cancer. Once again, the University Hospital asserts itself as a leader in the medical community: to deliver even better care to breast cancer patients, the Institute of Radiology counts on the latest technology with added benefits – nu:view.

In an interview with the BR, Prof. Rüdiger Schulz-Wendtland, senior consultant at the Institute of Radiology, demonstrates the compression-free examination procedure with a team member and tells us more about the capabilities of spiral breast CT.

Uniklinik Erlangen: Computertomograf gegen Brustkrebs (video, 3 min.)
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Please note the video is in German, but you can read the translated content of the report here: Transkript Report English.  And even if you don’t speak the language, it’s still worth watching, esp. the examination procedure (#00:50 ff.).