True isotropic 3D resolution

nu:view is a dedicated breast CT scanner for diagnostic X-ray imaging with short scan times, excellent low-contrast resolution and high spatial resolution.

X-ray tube and X-ray detector were specifically designed for breast CT scanning and utilize state-of-the-art photon-counting technology. Beside the X-ray components also the image reconstruction software is optimized for highest image quality and guarantees best dose usage.

Three-dimensional superimposition-free images are generated to allow detectability of calcifications and to provide excellent soft-tissue differentiation.

The system is designed for high patient comfort without breast compression.

Mastectomy placed in a breast cup without compression and scanned with nu:view breast CT scanner.


a disruptive technology in the era of breast imaging

  • 01Full 3D images of the breast without superimposition
  • 02Good soft-tissue differentiation
  • 03Accurate tissue density assessment
  • 04Optimized for fast scanning with acquisition times of 7-12 second per scan
  • 05Low patient dose levels in the range of diagnostic mammograms
  • 06Improved patient comfort without breast compression
  • 07Full clinical integration (RIS & PACS)


x-ray tube

Focal spot size: 0.3 (IEC 60336)

Tube voltage: 60 kV

Tube current: 5-125 mA

Power: up to 7.5 kW

Filtration: 3 mm Al (equivalent)


Spiral cone-beam CT scan

Up to 2000 projections per 360°

Acquisition times of 7-12 s per scan

Low patient dose levels in the range of diagnostic mammograms

Without breast compression


Type: Photon-counting detector (direct conversion)

Sensor: CdTe, 0.75 mm thick

Pixel size: (0.1 mm)²

Detector area: about 280 x 50 mm²

Frame rate: up to 1000 Hz


Fully isotropic high spatial resolution

Field of measurement:
Ø 200 mm x 160 mm

Voxel size: (0.15 mm)³

Filtered back-projection reconstruction algorithm

The fully 3D imaging capability is demonstrated by:

Mastectomy placed in a breast cup without any compression and scanned with the nu:view breast CT scanner.

Coronal view

Sagittal view

Transversal view

Volume rendering

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Disclaimer: nu:view has received CE approval.
Disclaimer: nu:view has not yet received FDA approval.

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