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nu:view, the world’s first breast CT scanner to use spiral CT technology, is the brainchild of Erlangen-based company AB-CT. With the CE marking for nu:view in place, the new scanner is already in use on patients in Europe.

What sets nu:view apart is the excellent image resolution coupled with low radiation dose and short scan times. To obtain the best possible image quality and maximize radiation dose efficiency at the same time, the detector uses state-of-the-art single photon-counting technology. Unlike conventional scintillation, nu:view uses direct converting detectors made of cadmium telluride (CdTe).

In the course of one rotation around the female breast 2,000 projection images are created — with a full spiral scan taking as little as 7 to 12 seconds.
Doing all this without breast compression, an excellent patient comfort is ensured. For the first time, a CT scanner makes it possible to acquire images of the entire female breast in a single scan in true 3D without superimposition and a superb soft-tissue differentiation. nu:view can be seamlessly integrated into your RIS and PACS, facilitating the safe storage of the images and ensuring a seamless workflow.

nu:view cannot be purchased world-wide yet. Please contact us to check availability in your territory.

Disclaimer: nu:view has received CE approval.
Disclaimer: nu:view has not yet received FDA approval.


x-ray tube

  • Focal spot size: 0.3 (IEC 60336)
  • Tube voltage: 60 kV
  • Tube current: 5-125 mA
  • Power: up to 7.5 kW
  • Filtration: 3 mm Al (equivalent)


  • Spiral cone-beam CT scan
  • Up to 2000 projections per 360°
  • Acquisition times of 7-12 s per scan
  • Low patient dose levels in the range of diagnostic mammograms
  • Without breast compression


  • Type: Photon-counting detector (direct conversion)
  • Sensor: CdTe, 0.75 mm thick
  • Pixel size: (0.1 mm)²
  • Detector area: about 280 x 50 mm²
  • Frame rate: up to 1000 Hz


  • Fully isotropic high spatial resolution
  • Field of measurement:
    Ø 200 mm x 160 mm
  • Voxel size: (0.15 mm)³
  • Filtered back-projection reconstruction algorithm

Current Solutions vs. Breast CT




Breast MRI

Breast-CT (nu:view)
Isotropic 3D imaging
Patient comfort
Low dose*
High resolution
No superimposition
Contrast enhanced imaging

*nu:view has low patient dose levels in the range of diagnostic mammograms. Marked as “0” here to differentiate from sonography and MRI.

“The images are impressive. The image quality is excellent. Compared to mammography, the three dimensional, non-superimposed images make it far easier to detect micro-calcifications. This non-compressive method also means less discomfort for the patient and reduces the number of additional ultrasound images into the bargain.”

Prof. Dr. Andreas Boss
University Hospital Zurich (USZ)

Clinical Cases

Visit our nu:view Cases page for a selection of typical clinical cases that demonstrate nu:view’s cutting-edge imaging capabilities.

nu:view Cases

picture overview of nu:view Clinical Cases


Overview of publications and scientific presentations on the development, validation and application of the nu:view breast CT system.

Publications (PDF)


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