04-10-2022 / Erlangen

Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Thinking Pink – Thinking Women!

Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October marks breast cancer awareness month. The annual “pink ribbon” campaign aims to raise public awareness and educate about the cause, detection, and treatment of the disease.

With 2.3 million newly diagnosed cases each year, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer in women worldwide (1). While each new case is one too many, timely diagnosis followed up with appropriate treatment have generally shown a good prognosis in many cases. Taking early action can make a vital difference.

At AB-CT we are strongly committed to empower radiologists to diagnose breast cancer with confidence at the earliest possible stage, whilst taking into account the widespread wish of women around the globe for a compression-free examination.

Contact us to learn more. Together we can make a difference.

(1) WHO IARC news, published Sept 2022 (statistics from 2020)
Disclaimer: Product image has been digitally altered (pink patient table serves for illustration purposes only).