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There is a general consensus that 3D imaging with high level isotropic resolution will offer significant advantages.

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expresses our thrust and passion to think up breast cancer diagnosis differently.

A vibrant community of genius SW engineers, design engineers and medical physicists form a team that did not just develop another CT device, but a disruptive technology – Made in Germany.

Our goal is to empower radiologists all over the world to diagnose breast cancer early as this is the cure.

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Research background

Willi A. Kalender has conducted research mainly in the area of diagnostic imaging. The development and introduction of volumetric spiral computed tomography was a particular focus of his work.

The combination of slip ring systems with continuous table translation allowed a considerable reduction of examination times and has led to the invention of new and advanced applications such as heart phase-specific cardiac imaging. The development of the world’s first product options for dual-energy CT (DECT) in 1983 and metal artefact reduction (MAR) in 1987 and a multitude of dose reduction approaches are further examples of his achievements.

Other highly interesting fields of research have been radiation protection and the development of quantitative diagnostic procedures, e.g. for the assessment of osteoporosis, lung and cardiac diseases.

Currently, Willi Kalender’s research focusses on the development of an efficient breast scanner system to improve the detection of breast cancer in a very early stage.

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